The Last 3 Months

Wow how the past few months have flown. So much has happened personally and professionally. I’m in a new apartment with a friend from college who recently moved here. It’s hard to find a good home base in New York… I’ve been here 3.5 years, and I feel like I’m finally at home. No wonder moving to LA sounds so enticing. As soon as I’m settled, I’m ready for something new. That’s probably why I’ve chosen this profession, huh? There is always something new and exciting to work on. Which is exactly what I’ve been doing:

After I attended the One on One Bridge Program in August, I was really jazzed for things to come. I decided to submit like crazy and audition for every project, big or small.

1. 2 NYU TV Studio Scenes: The first experience I had on TV set, and it was a blast. The girl actually called me back a few weeks later to film another scene. I got to play Honey Bunny in the opening scene of Pulp Fiction. Talk about awesome! They are currently in the editing process, along with everything else I’ve been working on. Such is the way of film.

2. In October I shot The Face Changing Prince, written and directed my Lisanny Richiez. I played Kiara, a young lawyer who helps take care of her best friend’s child. I usually play really raw, gritty characters (the Honey Bunnies of the world), so this was a really nice detachment from that. I got to explore a more maternal side that I hadn’t had to do before.

3. My Friend Jeremy: An independent short by Michael Perrone. A quirky love story about a guy and his imaginary friend who have a crush on the same girl. I play the girl, Lindsay, a chain smoking school teacher with a style reminiscent of Annie Hall. I know, right? You’re definitely intrigued.

4. SWB, baby: I am now an actress in an up and coming film company. This is exactly what I’ve wanted since graduation 1.5 years ago, and I couldn’t be happier. Every artist needs that community. The best part is, on top of getting consistent acting work starting next week, I get to be a part of everything. I can be involved on set doing costumes, makeup, publicity, production. I get to be creative with creative people on a regular basis.

So I’m pursuing the dream and living the reality, but every day those two things get closer and closer together. I’m still slinging drinks at night, making stupid 20-something decisions sometimes, dating the wrong guys, probably even doing my hair in ways I’ll cringe at 10 years from now… but I’m making it happen. One day at a time.

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