Feature, Short, Webseries, Film Company, and Play… Oh my!

I’ll do a long and a short version… Suffice it to say I am really bad at blogging… but I’m trying to get better!

First, the short, for those who don’t have the time, or the desire to read my long-winded life as an actress in NYC.

Gravedigger: Got my first leading role in a a feature!!! I play Samantha Owens, a girl in love with her boyfriend and trying to find normalcy and common ground with a man who is growing more and more distant. Directed by Doug Bollinger, Gravedigger is a vigilante horror film that I went out to Point Pleasant, NJ to film. Check out our facebook page to see all of the press we’ve been getting: Gravedigger

Girl in the Back, A Steve Rahaman Film: I play the possessed dead girl. We are set to submit it to festivals in May. Check out or facebook page to learn more about the film: Girl in the Back

Film Company, SWB: I mentioned this in my last blog post. But we had our first meet and greet this past Sunday. Our goal is one short a month, and we have the opportunity to do so much! The productions we aren’t acting in, we can become involved in other aspects. I intend to work on costumes, learn how to do professional makeup, and work on production and scheduling.

Perfect, By Sheila Griffin to be performed at the Strawberry One Act Festival: Made it to the Semi-Finals!! Performs tonight! As Julia’s parents confront her about her mental health, a storm descends on the O’Connor household, showing that things are anything but perfect. I play Julia, an aspiring actress who struggles with bipolar disorder.

Kamkol Productions New Webseries, Whiskey Tango Foxy: A crime, suspense thriller. I will be play the title lead, Foxy, a sexy, chic, kiss then kill bad ass spy. Continually shooting, releases sometime in fall 2013.

Now the long and winding road…

These last few months have been incredible. I’ve really started to book, and I feel a strong momentum. So many people have told me that “work begets work”. And in so many ways is that true! I think the big thing for me is after nailing my audition for SWB, I just had this surge of confidence in my craft. I’ve been auditioning well for some time, but there was something missing, and I didn’t know it until it changed:

When I auditioned for the play Perfect, by Sheila Griffin. It was an open call, and I’ve learned to get to these things EARLY. It was my third audition that day, so I had been Nomad-ing it all over the city. Three separate outfits to suit each potential part. I got there at 6pm, the open call began at 7. I changed my clothes and sat down, the first one there. The girls started filing in one by one. Finally the director came out and assigned sides. 3 long ones. Full of emotional life and intensity. At first it was overwhelming. But as I read, I realized how much I identified with and understood the character I was to play, Julia. She is an aspiring actress who struggles with bipolar disorder. Although I don’t struggle with bipolar disorder, my brother did, and I know the struggle. The ups and downs that you have no control over. I took that knowledge with me in the room, and stayed in it. I gave myself as completely as I could having just gotten the sides 10 minutes before. And the next day, December 7th, I got an email telling me I had booked the role. I felt like it was somehow written in the stars. You see, my brother passed away 3 years ago on December 7th, and now I have a chance to honor his story. To help people understand the struggle.

Later that same week, I auditioned for a webseries. I hadn’t prepared as much as I would have liked, and of the three sides I was given, the director asked me first to read the one I was least prepared for. OK. Roll with the punches. I felt my feet on the ground, felt my breath, thought “trust your instincts, you got this shit.” The audition was awesome. Of course I may have relied on the page a little more than I would normally like, but I was making choices, I was at ease, I was in the moment… and we worked together. I knew going in that it was going to be a directed audition, and it made it so much fun. He would stop me, give me a direction, and start from any given point. I wasn’t nailed to one place. I could use the entire room, and the camera followed me. I was having so much fun that I was sad when the audition was over, and I knew that I wanted to work with this guy.

I left feeling confident, but I’ve also learned to leave it at the door. We learn to do that. We actors… who go on 6+ auditions a week. I used to sit by the computer, or check my email on my phone constantly. But after 1.5 years auditioning, you learn to let it go. Then I got the email when I got home from work yesterday evening. He told me that he loved my work, and gave me the choice between two parts. What?! I have a choice?! That was AWESOME.

Girl in the Back I actually booked through a friend recommending me. I was so pumped because Steve Rahaman is such a great director and he really gets the job done FAST. No waiting around for months hoping to see something. I’ve already seen a ton of photos and I’m even on the cover of the poster! That was such a cool feeling. I can’t wait for the final product… I think it’s gonna be great.

And finally.. the FEATURE!!!! I actually booked that from my reel and vimeo page. I couldn’t believe it. All the energy and money I put into making that actually paid off!!! My reel is something I did myself because I wasn’t getting any footage for work I did and I was tired of not getting auditions because I didn’t have one. I think it needs improvement, but for now it gets the job done… once I get all of the footage for all of the stuff I did this year, I’ll be able to get an even better one edited! One of my next projects…

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